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IBERNAM is configured as the Spanish network in Micro and Nanosystems, National Association non-profit, (nš reg. 76012), inspired by the Association formerly known as the Spanish Group of Sensors (GES), and integrates the principal national groups from universities, public and private research centres, technological centres and companies with accredited activity in the cited scientific and technological areas. Currently this formed by 27 national groups, with strong activity, contrasted by competitive national, international, regional projects and contracts of the Groups.

The spirit of this collaboration focuses on the industrial application of the nano-microdevices, promoting and also participating in projects that will help deepen in the acquisition of specific skills in nanotechnologies that assures, in a medium term, its development in industrial applications.

The incorporation of the network industries is, therefore, one of the pillars that will ensure better compliance with the purposes set out in this statement of intent. IBERNAM also contemplates its linkage with other similar objectives and purposes European networks so that it is suitably located within the networks of excellence laid down as basic instruments of the European research area, as referred to the framework programs of the EC.

Therefore the overall purpose of the network is to promote research, training and dissemination of knowledge about the micro-systems of high complexity based on micro-nano-technologies.

The specific objectives of the network are:

  • Coordinate the activities of national research in microelectronics, nano-microsystems and nanotechnologies, linking agencies for research and development, public and private, with the industrial sector. Also the transfer of technology and knowledge in the above-mentioned areas, thereby promoting and carrying out training activities in the same one.
  • Research, develop and fine-tune technologies and specific devices aimed at the realisation of hybrid nano-microsystems: sensors, actuators, modules of information processing through the joint of components, circuitry and micro-nanodevices, reinforcing the links between basic science and engineering, promoting the exchange of knowledge among scientists and the dissemination of results through the network.

To materialize the goals the following secondary objectives are covered:

  • Facilitate the intercommunication among the partners within the projects in which participate.
  • Exchange of ideas and knowledge among partners.
  • Organize targeted dissemination workshops to inform about the advantages and possibilities of micro-nanotechnologies.
  • Establish relations with other networks at European level in order to promote the necessary critical mass in this field of technology, and form networks of excellence as key parts of the research European area. IBERNAM has a strong collaboration with the homologous CMC2 French network since 2002. Every two years the French-Spanish Conference is celebrated (Madrid 2002, Biarritz 2004, San Sebastian 2006, Toulouse 2008,  Barcelona 2010 and Marseille 2012).
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