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Rafa Raya López has been honored with the award for Best Thesis Robotics 2012 by the Spanish Committee of Automation, CEA, after the public defense of three theses finalists, selected from fifteen theses presented.


Others finalist:

  • Juan Camilo Moreno Sastoque, TR35 Spain Prize 2012 awarded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), through its Technology Review, highlighting the work of systems innovation for efficient rehabilitation of disabled www.tr35spain.com.
  • Antonio Herando, winner of the National Research Award (2011) from the Institute of Applied Magnetics Laboratory 
 "Salvador Velayos"
  • Imserso Awards "Infanta Cristina" (2011)
    Research Award 
 development and innovation. José L. Pons Rovira and John C. Sastoque Moreno for his work entitled "Compensation pathological functional gait through intelligent lower limb orthosis", assessing the innovative nature of this product and its clear impact on improving personal autonomy and quality of life of people living in dependence.
  • Foundation Caser (2011)
    Awards Unit and Society: Award in R & D in Unit 
 The second prize of 1,500 euros, went to the Bioengineering Group (CAR) of the CSIC, the project New Vehicle Robotic Rehabilitation Integrated Children with cerebral palsy and other disorders of Etiology and Evolu Similar.
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